This set allows the viewer to create a unique experience with the piece, by letting their mind illustate the focal points.




Identity - This image set was first shot on film, processed in the wet darkroom and then digitally.

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Welcome to ANTIXIAN.com. The art of Xian Divad lives here. This is a digital art collection I began when I first hit the road as a live artist with Scorned Customs in 2012. Many of the images in this gallery were created with photos that I captured along that journey. An unprecedented amount of inspiration has come from collaborating with other artists, and playing different roles in the New York event production circuit.

I made some of these images using pictures of people in my life. I love capturing one's energy and warping, blending and twisting it for hours into my own creation. I also create custom light painting devices for the cause. Enjoy!

Limited prints are available in my Etsy Store. If you have a photograph or an image set of something that means the world to you, get it transmogrified! Email me here to begin the process. I appreciate you. - Xian