The Omni set

The Dreamsoft set

This set was created from a hand painted heart shaped rock and one of the greatest experiences ever.

This is a collection of environments, entities and dreamscapes grounded by moonboots.

          Christian is a NY based artist with expressions in psychedelic art, graphic design and mixed media art. He takes black and white wet darkroom work to another realm by digitally manipulating his 35mm captures. Slow shutter photography is also used to create light paintings that come to be faces, entities and image experiences that are unique to each viewer. Christian aims to create unique environments that take the observer to a new place each visit.

          Christian also owns the New York based clothing Scorned Customs Clothing...founding it in 2007. The clothing line quickly expanded into an art collective of artists spread over 5 NY counties named Scorned Customs. The collective is known for pioneering a unique one-of-a-kind 3D style based on fluorescent and glow-in-the-dark aerosol pigments, texture and tie dye. This style has been applied to objects, accessories, shirts, pants, hats, shoes and NASA flight gear. Scorned Customs is a traveling after-hours black light theme camp of artists collaborating live at select music and art festivals.



The Identity set​

This set was created by digitizing 35mm still life enlargements uniquely developed by hand. I get a lot of masks, faces and identities in my work.

The Legacy set

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The Voyeau set

This set offers a lesser focal point and greater movement to encourage a unique perspective with each viewing.

Welcome to antiXIAN Fine Art - The art of Xian Divad

This page contains years of painting, capturing, developing, transmogrifying and creating. This collection features darkroom/digital photography and digital art...I create many of these images by bending light paintings into unique environments. Some of my work is shot on 35mm and enlarged using a unique one-of-a-kind developing process in the wet darkroom. Some images are designed for use with ChromaPro and Trioscopinc 3-D lenses. Some of those who have had an impact on my life are embedded in much of my work, giving it environment and colorful energy that fuels my compositions.

Select prints are available in my FineArtAmerica store.

Or catch me in my booth at select New York festivals.

I hope you enjoy this collection. Thanks for stopping by...

- Xian